Welcome to Meazure Sport Sciences!

We are a company that provides strategic scientific solutions for competitive swimming. With a robust academic foundation in biomechanics, physiology, and sport training, we’ve provided sports science support for over 5,000 athletes at various levels, including Olympic, World, and Paralympic champions, as well as practitioners.
Our technical analyses utilize top technology to indentify the optimal movement for achieving speed in the different swimming strokes. This understanding has paved the way for the development of effective strategies that accelerate the learning process, and link performance improvement while mitigating the injury risk.
Beyond technical analysis, our training monitoring solutions integrate training load, recovery, and physiological parameters. This holistic approach enables us to understand, fine-tune and enhance individual performance in both training and competitions.
With a track record of transforming complexity into clear insights, our achievements have solidified us as the standard-bearer in the sports science services market.


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